Three Stowaway Stories

Three Stowaway Stories


Who, at one time or another, hasn’t at least briefly entertained the thought of stowing away on a luxurious ocean liner or cruise ship? “All ashore who’s going ashore,” shouts the purser. “Not me,” you think. “This time, I’m going along for the ride!”

And what a ride it will be. Fine food, fresh air, sunshine, entertainment, congenial shipmates and more. Sure, the overnight accommodations can be a bit rough, but at least that lifeboat you’re slumbering in will be securely tied to the davit.

As with the perfect murder, the successful stowaway remains uncaught and unknown. Here, however, are 20th-century newspaper reports of stowaways who weren’t quite as lucky.

August 1938

April 1928

July 1933

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