Queen Mary Brings the Troops Home

Queen Mary Brings the Troops Home

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queen mary brings the troops home

Going home.

It may have been the “Grey Ghost’s” proudest moment. On 3 January 1946, HMT Queen Mary entered New York harbor carrying over 11,000 US troops and leading a fleet of 11 troopships bringing a total of 30,837 servicemen home.

For her part, Queen Mary was transporting the entire US 82nd Airborne Division. As the packed vessel docked, the 8,800 troops of the “All American Division,” their World War II mission completed, were looking forward to marching up Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue on 12 January in a victory parade.

Also onboard Queen Mary was a set of seven-month-old triplets and their war-bride mother, Mrs. Robert H. Glass, an American Red Cross worker.

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