Another Pier 57 Candidate

Another Pier 57 Candidate


As speculation continues on whether United States or Queen Elizabeth 2 will soon head to New York to anchor a harbor redevelopment project, here’s a small ocean liner, long neglected, that’s another Pier 57 candidate.

This particular vessel (see the video above) featured 30 air conditioned staterooms, each with an individual bath, a dining room that could seat 100 passengers, a lounge that could double as a movie theater, a veranda, a swimming pool and a well stocked library.

Another Pier 57 Candidate

NS Savannah brochure (Click to enlarge)

Oh, and one other thing, she was also history’s only nuclear powered ocean liner.

The ship is, of course, the historic NS Savannah. This liner is a freight/passenger hybrid similar in basic concept to several larger Cunard liners of the 1950s (although they didn’t incorporate onboard nuclear reactors).

Savannah is currently mothballed in Baltimore harbor awaiting her triumphant return to New York. She’s the Normandie of space age styling, a one-of-a-kind ship that’s exciting to look at, both inside and out.

View this photo tour and then decide for yourself whether Savannah would make a fine boutique hotel on the New York waterfront.

Another Pier 57 Candidate

Savannah glass dish, from the Oceanliners Magazine Collection.