Classic Cruising on Caronia (1949)

Classic Cruising on Caronia (1949)


Here’s a Cunard Line marketing film from the 1950s extolling the delights of a Mediterranean cruise on Caronia (1949).

The narrator informs us that Caronia was “the biggest ocean liner ever built especially for cruising.” That’s not quite true, however, since Caronia was also designed for transatlantic runs. Actually, during her first years at sea, she spent most of her time on Atlantic crossings; cruising only during winter months. Even in later years, Caronia was frequently pulled into transatlantic service during the busy summer season.

As you’re watching the film, keep an eye out for the portrait of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh in the main lounge at the 2:27 minute mark. Also notice the steward and stewardess serving breakfast at the 2:43 mark. It appears that Cunard Line at the time had no prejudice against employing older people.

Sadly, the film’s color has faded with time, making the liner look more like a pale ghost than a “Green Goddess. On the other hand, Caronia’s reputation for style and service isn’t ever likely to fade.

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