Shore Excursion—1920s Style

Shore Excursion—1920s Style


Shore excursions have come a long way over the past century. And yet, as this short silent film clip shows, the experience remains basically the same—eager people hopping into motor coaches, looking forward to experiencing new sights and wonders.

This clip shows passengers from an unknown liner boarding a series of open-air motor coaches bearing “Cunard Line Conducted Touring Parties” signs on the front. Much is unknown about the clip, however, including its date and location.  There’s a Bovril sign on a wall behind the coaches, so the venue can’t be too exotic—unless the passengers happen to hail from locations outside the British Isles, in which case… well, they’re in for a treat.

Since the coaches are followed by a couple of trucks carrying what appears to be steamer trunks, it appears that our happy passengers are off on an extended trip. Perhaps the latter part of what we today would call a “sea and land holiday.”

Sadly, the zip-line scene footage appears to be missing.