Lost Ship Traditions

Lost Ship Traditions

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The Little Guy With the Funny Hat and the Double-Breasted Tunic Who Played the Chimes to Let You Know That the Dining Room is Open. Public address systems did away with this tradition, much to the dismay of little guy fans everywhere.

The Ship’s Library. A vanishing breed. Libraries are money losers, so most were replaced by computer and Wi-Fi centers. Now the tech facilities are vanishing, too, mostly because people can use their phones, tablets and notebooks almost anywhere on the ship. The libraries aren’t coming back, though. Neither is reading.

Deck Chair Rentals. Did you know that at one time ocean liner and cruise ship passengers had to rent their deck chairs? Yep! The chair was exclusively yours for the entire voyage, unless it happened to be occupied at the moment by someone who was bigger and stronger than you. Incidentally, I still keep up the payments on the deck chair rental my parents began on Queen Mary back in 1949. They sometimes give me a hard time about it in Long Beach, but I’m staying put!

Lifeboat Seat Reservations. I’m just kidding! (Or am I? Hmmm.)

Clay Pigeon Shooting From the Fantail. Passengers with guns seem to make some people nervous these days. I suppose they make some clay pigeons nervous, too.

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