The Queen Mary Chianti Caper

The Queen Mary Chianti Caper

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Where's the fiasco?

Where’s the fiasco?

In April 2008, my wife and I decided to commemorate my parents’ 1949 transatlantic voyage with a westbound crossing on Queen Mary 2. One evening, we dined at the QM2’s Todd English Restaurant (not exactly the Tourist Class dining room). We ordered dinner—and a bottle of Chianti. To my disappointment, it arrived in a very ordinary wine bottle—no swanky fiasco. We drank the wine anyway. It tasted kind of plonky, but wasn’t exactly cheap (this was, after all, on QM2 in the 21st century).

Perhaps, someday, we will try again on the original Queen Mary. Does anyone know if there are any fiascos on board Queen Mary today?

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