Inside Hanseatic (1930)

Inside Hanseatic (1930)

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I was fortunate enough to sail twice on Hanseatic in 1963 (eastbound and westbound voyages) at the tender age of 8. My recollection is that she was a happy ship. The crew members were always kind to me and I was even allowed to pay a quick visit to the bridge.

inside hanseatic

A small Hanseatic souvenir pennant. (Click to Enlarge)

Hanseatic had no climbing walls, ice rinks, casinos, shopping malls, celebrity performers or endless service upsells. It was wonderful. Nine days from New York to Cuxhaven. I saw Queen Mary at her pier when leaving New York and saw her again sitting regally at her Southampton berth six days later. Hanseatic was not an express liner.

Could a liner like Hanseatic succeed today? No, not even as a cruise ship. Most people today eschew simple, relaxing pleasures in exchange for manufactured entertainment. No wonder so many people are unhappy.

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