The Aquitania Auction

The Aquitania Auction

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When Aquitania left Cunard Line in 1950 after completing a 36-year career of steady, reliable service, her contents were sold off at a massive Southampton auction. There were few ocean liner memorabilia collectors in those days, so most of the winning bidders were people who owned or represented restaurants, pubs, hotels and other establishments that could put Aquitania’s solidly built fixtures and fittings to good use. (A bargain: just £20 for a pair of chairs.)

Most of the Aquitania-related items found today on eBay were purchased on board (often in the barber shop) or simply taken by the liner’s passengers. Still, it’s likely that more than a few of the objects seen in the video above have made their way onto the world’s largest online auction site. You may even own some of them.

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