Norah Wellings and Her Dolls

Norah Wellings and Her Dolls


Norah Wellings was a British designer of cloth dolls. You’ve probably seen her handiwork.

Wellings’ creations were a staple in ocean liner gift shops from the 1930s through the 1960s. In fact, it seems that Wellings designed a doll (sometimes several dolls) for just about every liner that sailed during those years.

Norah Wellings Doll Queen Mary

When the Queen Mary’s a rockin’, Norah Wellings’ doll comes a knockin’..

Most of Wellings’ dolls were attired in a sailor’s suit and hat.
 Opinions vary on the quality of her work. I think that her dolls range from the plain to the ugly to the goofy to the kitschy. My wife, on the other hand, feels that Wellings’ dolls are nothing less than pure evil–the devil’s marine henchmen, programmed to waddle off the wall shelf or bureau top during the wee hours to hack innocent sleepers into bloody slivers.

Not surprisingly, I am forbidden from owning any Wellings dolls.

Murderous intentions aside, if you feel like learning more about Wellings and her various dolls, check out this blog. But if you happen to awaken one night to a maniacal doll in a sailor’s suit wielding a bloody cleaver, don’t come complaining to me.