Last Rolls-Royce Phantom Has Ocean Liner Theme

Last Rolls-Royce Phantom Has Ocean Liner Theme

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After 14 years of production, the last Rolls-Royce Phantom VII has been built.

The customer, a “renowned contemporary Rolls-Royce collector” (obviously a man or woman of exquisite taste), requested a car with a classic ocean liner theme.

The vehicle includes artwork inspired by 1930s ocean liners etched into its dash and side panels, as well as classic ocean liner-style radio clocks housed in a rotating bezel that can be adjusted to 24 different time zones. To continue the maritime theme, the car’s lambswool carpets have been hand-cut with a wake effect and even the ‘Blue Velvet’ paint and powder blue leather upholstery otter a nod to the color of the sea.

The final Rolls-Royce Phantom VII carries a base price of £373,824, prior to customization.

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