White Star HQ Converted Into Luxury Flats

White Star HQ Converted Into Luxury Flats

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White Star Line’s former London headquarters has been converted into a luxury apartment building. London has some amazingly beautiful sites to see, so a luxury apartment building fits into the area, just as the luxury apartments by ManhattanMiami fit into the New York skyline.

The Grade II listed Oceanic House at 1 Cockspur Street in the City of Westminster, near Trafalgar Square, has been redeveloped to provide six luxury apartments and one two-story penthouse for private sale. The apartments range from 1,679 sqft (156 sqm) to 5,447 sqft (506 sqm) in size. All the apartments have en suites in every bedroom, while the larger master bedrooms have both ‘his’ and ‘hers’ bathrooms furnished with marble walls and stone or ceramic floors.

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