Recreating Titanic

Recreating Titanic

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While Titanic II, the highly publicized effort to build and sail a full-size version of the tragic liner, is most certainly dead, a new effort to virtually recreate Titanic appears to be gaining some momentum.

“Titanic: Honor and Glory” is a planned video game that would digitally recreate Titanic, presenting every deck and  room in an unprecedented amount of detail and accuracy, according to the venture’s website. The website also notes that the recreation will be an entire video video game with a story set aboard a complete and explorable Titanic. The venture’s backers say they are working with the top Titanic historians to make the simulation as accurate as possible.  Meanwhile, the project is still in production and currently seeking investors.

More details are available here. Oceanliners Magazine, in case you were wondering, has no connection to the project.

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