International Ocean Liners Day

International Ocean Liners Day

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There are now global “days” honoring everything from peace (21 September) to stuttering awareness (22 October). Yet there is still no International Ocean Liners Day. That’s a shame, and we ought to do something about it.

With an International Ocean Liners Day, we would finally have an excuse to talk about ocean liners to our non-enlightened friends and family members all day long for as long as we wanted. More seriously, we could use the day to educate the public about the plight of endangered ocean liners and to generally promote ocean liner history and style.

But wait… There’s more.

Cruise lines could use International Ocean Liners Day as a marketing platform to launch sales celebrating their ocean liner heritage.

Maritime museums could hold special ocean liner-themed exhibitions and seminars on International Ocean Liners Day.

Best of all, there would be day-long parties aboard all of the remaining ocean liners.

Here are some possible dates for International Ocean Liners Day:

26 September. Queen Mary’s launch date.

29 October. Normandie’s launch date.

15 April. The day Titanic sank. (A memorable event, but way too gloomy for a special day.)

21 November. Samuel Cunard’s birthday. (Mine, too, so I would have to say that this would be the most obvious choice.)

11 November. Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday (just kidding).

Regardless of the date, International Ocean Liner Day would be “HUGE” (but not “TITANIC”).

What do you think?

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