Titanic II Now Set to Launch in 2018

Titanic II Now Set to Launch in 2018

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Titanic II, an updated, somewhat modernized version of the tragic White Star liner, will finally launch in 2018, promises Australian billionaire Clive Palmer. Palmer and his Blue Star Line company had previously announced a 2016 launch date.

Clive Palmer strikes a “king of the world” pose.

While the vessel will reportedly look virtually identical to the 1912 liner, it will be 13 feet wider with a hull welded together rather than riveted to meet modern maritime safety requirements. Unlike Titanic (1912), Titanic II will carry sufficient lifeboats and 21st century marine evacuation systems, as well as a boat deck housing replicas of the original lifeboats.

According to James McDonald, Blue Star Line’s global marketing director, the 40,000 GRT Titanic II will offer nine decks and 840 cabins in three classes, capable of accommodating 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members. The liner will have a swimming pool, Turkish baths and gyms, among other amenities.

The maiden voyage will be from Jiangsu in Eastern China to Dubai. (Not likely to encounter many icebergs on that route. Ed.)

“We are not looking for investment from Dubai, as it is a project we are funding ourselves, but we have been in contact with a number of companies based in the Emirates who are looking at utilizing opportunities that arises with the project,” McDonald told the Belfast Telegraph.

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