Normandie Sold for Scrap

Normandie Sold for Scrap


On 3 October 1946, USS Lafayette (ex-Normandie) was sold as scrap to Lipsett, a maritime salvage company based in New York, for US$161,680

Normandie scrap
Burned-out and battered, a superstructure-less Normandie heads to the breakers.

The sale’s terms specified that the ship was to be “completely scrapped, dismembered, dismantled or destroyed within the continent of the United States within eighteen months of delivery.” On 28 November 1946, Lafayette was towed to Lipsett’s Newark, New Jersey, scrapyard.

The job of destroying what many people, then and now, regard as the most beautiful ocean liner every built got underway the very next day.

normandie scrap
normandie scrap

Normandie Scrap
The ill-fated attempt to turn Normandie into a troopship cost US taxpayers over $40 million.

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