Two Ships Passing in the Night, Fading Into History

Two Ships Passing in the Night, Fading Into History


On the dark morning of 25 September 1967, Queen Mary heading eastbound on her last transatlantic crossing for Cunard Line, and Queen Elizabeth (1940), steaming westbound, passed each other for the final time.

Commodore Geoffrey Marr stood at attention on Queen Elizabeth’s flying bridge; Captain Treasure Jones took the same position on Queen Mary. As the two great and historic liners closed in on each other, their lights were switched on, abruptly illuminating the vessels and the sea around them, creating an almost theatrical atmosphere. Each captain doffed his hat as the mighty Tyfon whistles blasted through the cold, clear air in a booming farewell salute.

A few minutes later, the whistles stopped, the lights were turned off, and the liners plowed onward to their respective destinations. The show was over. More than a few people observed that the air felt a bit chillier and the ocean seemed somewhat darker than in the moments leading up to the rendezvous.

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