Hail Giulio Cesare!

Hail Giulio Cesare!

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Perhaps on acid.

An Italian Line poster featuring a, uh… “fanciful” depiction of Giulio CesareGiulio Cesare.

Giulio Cesare was designed for enjoyment as well as transport. The three-class liner was fully air conditioned and each class had its own outdoor swimming pool. A 1964 refit added a new cinema as well as bathrooms to staterooms that previously required passengers to use shared facilities. The refit also slashed the number of passengers classes from three to two.

In January 1973 an aging Giulio Cesare, facing a collapsing transatlantic passenger market and stiff competition from newer, sleeker Italian vessels such as Michelangelo, Raffaello, and Oceanic, was removed from service. Three months later, she was broken up, the first post-war Italian-built liner to be scrapped

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