Cedric Bumps a Barge

Cedric Bumps a Barge

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White Star liners always seemed to be bumping into things: ships, piers, rocks and the occasional iceberg. Cedric bumped a barge on 6 March 1920.

cedric bumped a barge

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Departing New York in gale-force winds, Cedric struck a barge loaded with boxcars being towed by a New York Central Railroad tugboat. The Hudson River collision smashed Cedric’s rudder head and the liner was forced to remain docked in New York until a replacement rudder mechanism arrived from Liverpool. Cedric’s passengers were safely transferred to Baltic (1904) and Cunard Line’s Imperator, Royal George and Carmania.

A negligence lawsuit later brought by White Star Line against the New York Central found the tug responsible for the accident.

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