Steam Power Comes Alive

Steam Power Comes Alive

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Beating at the heart of many late 19th and early 20th century ocean liners, including White Star Line’s Majestic (1890), were massive triple- and quadruple-expansion steam engines.

Alas, these mighty beasts no longer prowl the seas, having long since been replaced by turbines, diesels and other more efficient technologies. Fortunately, a pair of triple-expansion engines can be found on land at London’s Kempton Park Waterworks. Best of all, they’re still in working order, as this video proves.

Skip to the 5:30 mark to see one of the engines kick into life. Be patient as its slowly builds momentum.

Now, sit back and imagine a pair of triple expansion engines driving a mighty liner across the Atlantic as the passengers sleep tightly, comforted by the steady beat of the engines below.

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