Southampton Harbor—1964

Southampton Harbor—1964

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Here’s a unique color newsreel showing various liner-related activities in Southampton harbor in 1964.

The silent  film opens with passengers disembarking from an unidentified liner. Notice how elegantly everyone is dressed. Actually, this is the way most people dressed while traveling in 1964. Today… well, let’s just say that people are attired much more casually nowadays.

Later on, we see views of Andes, built in 1939 at Belfast for Royal Mail Line. The 26,435-GRT liner served as troopship throughout World War II. Andes was one of the many liners that connected Britain to its empire (and, later on, commonwealth) before the arrival of comparatively cheap air travel.  She went to the breakers in 1971.

A Cunard Line superstar makes a surprise cameo appearance near the conclusion of this 3 minutes, 47 seconds film.


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