Why Titanic II Will Be an Epic Fail

Why Titanic II Will Be an Epic Fail

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Then there’s the matter of what we used to call “taste.” Have fun on a Titanic replica? Perhaps Palmer could offer a Titanic II cruise-Air France Concorde Flight 4590 II “sink ‘n’ crash” package deal? Would that be fun?

The only way Titanic II won’t become an epic fail is if it is never built—and that’s a very strong possibility. After all, we’re talking about the same Palmer who once boasted about resurrecting the passenger Zeppelin industry.

If Palmer really wants to make a contribution to ocean liner history, he should consider building a truly modern ocean liner—an oppulant, high-speed state of the art vessel that would make people think twice about flying to their destination. If it’s history he’s after, Palmer should look into acquiring and restoring the glorious QE2, currently languishing in Dubai, the place Palmer has selected as the destination of Titanic II’s maiden voyage.

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