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Carpathia’s Perilous Journey

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Carpathia-Pier 54

Carpathia at Pier 54


Carpathia, already carrying 700 passengers of her own, rescued a total of 706 Titanic passengers and crew. Three days later the liner sailed into New York harbor to drop off the survivors, first stopping at Pier 59 to return 13 of Titanic’s now-empty lifeboats to their owner, White Star Line, before heading to Pier 54, where Titanic’s survivors were offloaded. Awaiting at the pier were scores of newspaper reporters and cameramen. There was, what we would call today, a “media frenzy.”

In stunned sadness, Carpathia’s officers and crew began preparations to resume their interrupted voyage to Fiume (now Rijeka) Croatia.

In recognition of his bravery, Rostron was knighted by King George V and awarded a gold medal by the US Congress

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