Carmania (1905) Mixed Style and Muscle

Carmania (1905) Mixed Style and Muscle

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Carmania Mixed Style and Muscle

A Carmania brooch in the Oceanliners Magazine collection.

Carmania (1905), a liner that mixed style and muscle, was launched at Clydebank’s John Brown and Co. on 21 February 1905. Carmania and her sister ship, Caronia (1905), were for a time, the largest and fastest liners in the Cunard fleet.

The 19,566-ton Carmania was 650 feet long with a 72-foot beam. The triple-screw liner was rated at a touch over 18 knots. She featured two masts and two funnels. Carmania was the first Cunarder to be fitted with steam turbines and, as a result, was always a faster ship than her sister, which used older quadruple-expansion engine technology.

Author H.G. Wells traveled to the US on Carmania in early 1906. He wasn’t impressed. He later wrote, “This Carmania isn’t the largest ship nor the finest, nor is to be the last. Greater ships are to follow and greater.”

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