Normandie’s Fabulous Doors

Normandie’s Fabulous Doors

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Raymond Subes Normandie doors

Elegant doors for elegant people.

French artist Raymond Subes (13 April 1891-31 January 1970) designed the fabulous 20-foot-tall doors leading to Normandie’s first class dining room. The doors spanned over two ship decks in height and featured a total of 10 medallions—five per door.

Subes was one of the most renowned French metalworkers of the Art Deco period. Besides Normandie, his work could also be found on several other French Line vessels, including Ile de France and France (1962). Subes also fulfilled commissions for several Freanch banks, including the Banque de France and the National City Bank aux Champs-Elysees, the Institut Pasteur, the Caisse des Depots et Consignations and the Musee de la France d’Outre-mer.

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