Belgic — White Star’s Only US-Built Ship

Belgic — White Star’s Only US-Built Ship

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The ship that would become Belgic (1903), and hold the distinction of being the only White Star Line vessel built in the US, was launched at New York Shipbuilding, Camden, New Jersey, on 15 December 1903.

Designed to serve as a cattle carrier for Atlantic Transport Line, and named Mississippi at launch, the ship was transferred in 1906 to Red Star Line, another shipping line owned by International Mercantile Marine.  Renamed Samland and registered in Belgium, she followed an the Antwerp-New York route and Antwerp-Philadelphia routes.

On 30 August, 1911, Samland was transferred to the White Star Line (also owned by IMM), renamed Belgic and registered in Liverpool. In 1913, Belgic reverted to Red Star Line ownership, and again assumed the name Samland.

In 1930, after laying idle for over two years, Samland was scrapped in Ghent.

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