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Cunard and His Line

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Cunard and his line

Statue of Samuel Cunard in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Cunard died in London on 28 April 1865, ending the first era of ocean liner history as well as Cunard Line’s near-total domination of the North Atlantic.

In the years that followed, Cunard Line struggled against new and bold competition. While Nova Scotia’s master of the North Atlantic had easily brushed off threats from Great Western, Collins and other upstart steamship lines, he failed to adequately plan for his own demise. The weak Cunard Line leadership that followed Cunard’s death created an opening for White Star Line, HAPAG, Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL) and many other large and small shipping lines that would soon eat away at Cunard’s market share.

The Age of Cunard was over, at least for the moment. Better days would soon arrive.

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