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Thoroughly Modern Teutonic

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In 1900, during the Boer War, Teutonic served as a troop transport between Britain and South Africa.

In 1911, Teutonic’s place in the White Star fleet was taken the new Olympic and the older liner was transferred to sister company Dominion Line for Canadian service. By 1913 Teutonic was definitely showing her age, so was refitted to carry only second and third class passengers.

A year and a half after the Titanic disaster, while heading from Montreal to Liverpool in thick fog on the afternoon of 2 October 1913, an iceberg was spotted directly ahead of Teutonic. Capt. James ordered the ship put hard to port and full astern. Teutonic is reported to have cleared the iceberg by just a few feet.

In 1914, with the outbreak of World War I, Teutonic sailed again as a merchant cruiser, serving primarily as a troop transport in the Mediterranean. She survived the war and returned briefly to White Star management, although her days were now numbered.

Teutonic was broken up by shipbreakers at Emden, Germany, in 1921.

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