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Video: Getting There Is Half the Fun!


“Getting There Is Half the Fun!”

In the 1950s, with the economy booming and transatlantic air service beginning to offer serious competition, Cunard Line decided to release this film to promote the unique glamour of an ocean voyage.

Targeted at US and Canadian viewers, the film provides a unique, full-color view into life onboard Cunard’s 1950s-era fleet. It also reminds us that there was a time when getting there really was half the fun (and perhaps even more than than half the fun, especially if one was meeting relatives at the journey’s end).

So sit back and enjoy a 33-minute trip to an era when elegance and sophistication wasn’t derided and scorned.

(Back then: “What should I wear tonight?” Today: “Whaddya mean I can’t wear a baseball cap and flip-flops in the dining room?”)