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Unglamorous Delphic Dies Heroically

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Delphic narrowly escaped a U-boat attack in February 1917. On 16 August 1917  Delphic was torpedoed by the German U-boat UC-72 when 135 miles SW of Bishop Rock, Lands End, Cornwall while traveling from Cardiff to Montevideo with a cargo of coal. Five lives were lost.

Delphic didn’t have a fancy dining room or carry famous passengers. There will never be a big budget 3D movie made about this modest little single stacker. But she and her crew died heroically, and we remember her here.

Delphic-1917-09-09, ChiTrib

Delphic’s demise rated only six lines in this 9 September 1917 newspaper report, which inaccurately reported that all of her crew was saved. In fact, five crew members died.

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