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John Brown Was Never a Shipbuilder

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John Brown & Co. built many of the world’s great ocean liners, as well as many of other commercial and naval vessels. Yet John Brown himself was never a shipbuilder, and he never ran a business based in Glasgow.

In 1844, Brown founded John Brown & Co., a Sheffield, England, company that eventually grew into a major steel manufacturer. His Atlas Works, spread across three acres, produced armour plating for Navy vessels as well as railway tracks and various other types of steel products. Brown retired in 1871, a wealthy and respected man. As he moved on to other interests, he left behind a thriving company. Unfortunately, after several later business ventures failed, Brown died impoverished and without any direct heirs at age 80 on 27 December 1896.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Sir John Brown

Sir John Brown in 1862.

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