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Inside Paris (1921)

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Paris (1921)

Paris (1921)

Paris was like the city itself in the 1920s: fast, upbeat, bold, young and forward looking. Touches of Art Deco could be found all around the liner, although not to the same extent as on many later superliners, such as Normandie or even Queen Mary.

The 34,570 GRT Paris, a 10-deck three stacker, was 764 feet long and 85 feet at beam. With a rated speed of 21 knots she could carry 1,930 passengers: 560 First Class, 530 Second Class and 840 Third Class.

Paris was unique in both good and bad ways. One odd feature was that many of her stateroom portholes were square rather than round (perhaps to help people forget that they were actually on a ship).

Let’s go inside Paris for a look at a liner that sailed in the post-Edwardian, pre-Art Deco era and featured interior touches that reflected both times.

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