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Launching Normandie

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Virtually everything about Normandie was state of the art (even before the term was invented). Her luxurious interiors were designed in Art Deco and Streamline Moderne style. An innovative hull enabled the liner to travel faster while using less power than other large liners. Turbo generators and electric propulsion motors allowed Normandie to run in full power in both forward and reverse. A rudimentary type of radar supplemented human lookouts.

Normandie was everything an ocean liner should be: fast, beautiful, elegant and timeless. In old photos and newsreels, she seems almost dreamlike—too sublime to be real.

Normandie Hotel

The Normandie Hotel, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico (now closed), opened on 10 October 1942. Its design was directly inspired by Normandie. The hotel features the same design as the ship that inspired it. The hotel’s roof sign is one of the two signs that adorned the top deck of the Normandie but were removed during an early refitting. The hotel is on the US National Register of Historic places.

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