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Conte di Savoia Debuts With a Bang

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Although Conte di Savoia was fast—the ship reached an almost insane speed of 29.5 knots during her sea trials­—she never won the Blue Riband.

Conte di Savoia

Conte di Savoia at her New York pier and stable as a rock.

One of Conte di Savoia’s most interesting features was a set of huge anti-roll gyroscopes installed in a lower forward hold. Rotating at high speed, the gyros were designed to eliminate sea sickness-inducing roll. Unfortunately, they also caused the vessel to “hang” annoyingly when she reached the extreme limit of her rolls. For this reason, and because they sometimes caused the ship to become dangerously unbalanced, the gyros were often turned off.

Conte di Savoia was set on fire and sunk by retreating German forces on 11 September 1943. She was re-floated in 1945, but eventually scrapped.

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