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Savannah, the Nuclear Liner

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Savannah entered service on 20 August 1962. Operated for the US government by American Export Lines, Savannah was never intended to turn a profit (a goal she easily met). The liner never carried more than 25 passengers at a time and her cargo-carrying capabilities were similarly limited (slightly more than 14,000 tons).


A Savannah souvenir dish in the Oceanliners Magazine Collection.

As enthusiasm for maritime nuclear propulsion diminished, Savannah’s popularity faded. In 1965, she was switched to cargo-only service. Savannah’s nuclear core was removed in 1971 and the ship was retired from service entirely in 1972.

Clean, efficient nuclear energy would be an ideal power source for today’s mega-cruise ships, yet popular prejudice and public ignorance prevents the use of this green technology.

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