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Great Britain: A Preservation Success

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On 26 July 1845, Great Britain undertook her maiden voyage to New York, a journey she completed in a then-astounding 14 days. Great Britain continued to be successful, sailing on various runs around the world.

Great Britain: A Preservation Success

Great Britain (1845) as she appears today.

In 1886, the ship encountered trouble in a storm off Cape Horn and was forced  to seek refuge at Port Stanley in the Falklands. Her owners found it too expensive to repair her, so she was sold to the Falklands Trading Company. Great Britain then spent the next 51 years as coal barge and wool storage hulk before being abandoned to the elements.

Painstakingly conserved and restored, Great Britain is now a museum ship in her homeport, Bristol. She is an example of how a historic ocean liner can be saved to enlighten and educate future generations on maritime and ocean liner history.

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