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König Albert, A Regal Workhorse

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König Albert

Ferdinando Palasciano

At the outbreak of World War I, König Albert sought refuge in neutral Italy. She was interned there until May 1915, when Italy joined the war against Germany and Austria-Hungary. Almost immediately, the liner was seized by the Italian government. König Albert was then converted into a hospital ship and renamed Ferdinando Palasciano, in honor of a prominent Italian physician and politician.

After the war, Italy chartered Ferdinando Palasciano to Navigazione Generale Italiana. In June 1920 she resumed sailing her old Genoa-Naples-New York route. She completed six round trip voyages on this run, the last one beginning on 13 April 1921.

In 1922 the liner was renamed Italia and used as a floating exhibition ship. She was scrapped in Italy in 1926.

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