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QE2: Good News/Bad News

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Information about Queen Elizabeth 2, long idled in Dubai, is difficult to come by. Extremely difficult.

Some good news appeared last March when the Cruise Arabia website reported that “after months of speculation regarding a gradual increase in activity aboard the Queen Elizabeth II (sic) in Dubai’s Port Rashid, Al Shafa Construction company has finally gone public with details of the project.”

According to Cruise Arabia, “a Current Projects listing on the company’s website, (shows) the ‘QE2 Restoration’ is a multi-year project involving more than 30,000 sqm of space.” The story goes on to report that according to the project description, “the company was brought in during August 2015 to begin work and will complete the project in August this year (2017), with 110 people currently working on refurbishing the ship.”

Now, here’s the bad news. As of 13 May 2017, the link Cruise Arabia provided is dead, and clicking on the Al Shafa Construction website’s “Projects” listing returns a blank page. So it might be a good idea to hold off on booking that QE2 hotel room for now.

As frequent Cunard Line passenger Sir Winston Churchill might have observed, QE2’s fate remains “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

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