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A Movie to Remember

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If the only Titanic movie you’ve ever seen is Titanic (1995), you owe it to yourself to also watch A Night to Remember (1958), the most accurate feature film ever made about the Titanic disaster. Fortunately, if you have a couple of hours to spare, you can view the movie right here (look above). This high-definition print is about as good a version as you’ll see anywhere.

A Night to Remember, based on Walter Lord’s meticulously researched, best-selling book,  tells the Titanic tale in a straightforward, no nonsense manner. There are no made-up characters or fictitious subplots. Roy Baker’s masterful direction, and measured performances by all of the actors (particularly Kenneth More as Second Officer Charles Lightoller), make us feel like we’re actually on Titanic, helplessly watching the tragic events unfold before our eyes. The film’s special effects are also excellent and generally quite realistic—a remarkable achievement for a movie made decades before the development of computer-generated imagery (CGI).

A Night to Remember had a minuscule $1.8 million budget, an amount that would just about cover cast and crew catering costs for a typical modern feature film (only a slight exaggeration).

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