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The Italian Oceanic

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A Different World
Cruising was a far different experience in the 1960s and 70s than it is today. Oceanic had no casino and only a few onboard shops. The evening’s entertainment was held in a nightclub-like lounge (the Aegean Room), not a shipboard theater. Little effort was made to upsell passengers on extra services and the food was Italian, delicious and abundant. Trap shooting on the fantail was popular; Home Lines even supplied the guns and ammo (for a fee).

Italian Oceanic

Ready… Aim… (From a 1970 Oceanic brochure).

Oceanic passed through several owners after her Home Lines days ended 1965—including a period when she was marketed as “The Big Red Boat” and as “Starship Oceanic.” She wound up her service life sailing for a Japanese organization as “Peace Boat.”

The End
The aging and non-SOLAS-compliant Oceanic was scrapped in 2012. Think of what you missed.

Up next: Oceanic photos taken by the author on an August 1970 cruse.

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