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Andrea Doria Expedition Planned

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The first manned submersible expedition to the Andrea Doria wreck in 20 years is scheduled to get underway in June.

Andrea Doria

Andrea Doria while in her prime.

Washington-state OceanGate has been contracted by Argus Expeditions to provide a manned submersible and marine operations team for an expediton to survey the iconic wreck. OceanGate notes tha the primary objective of the 2016 Andrea Doria Survey Expedition will be to capture high-definition video footage and 3D sonar images of the shipwreck to document its current condition. The expedition goal is to establish accurate and reliable baseline data so explorers and scientists can better assess the decay of the wreck over time.

On 26 July 1956, Italian Line’s Andrea Doria sank after colliding with Stockholm of Swedish-American Line. A flotilla of rescue ships, led by French Line’s venerable Ile de France, rushed to the scene. At least 50 lives were lost and Andrea Doria sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic.

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