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Norwegian Joy Targets Chinese Market

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Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has officially announced the name of its first ship built specifically for the China market: Norwegian Joy. The 3,900-passenger ship, whose name translates to 喜悦号 (Xǐ Yuè Hào) in Chinese, will feature dining options and entertainment geared toward Chinese travelers. NCL notes that the name Norwegian Joy emphasizes the experience that the ship will offer — 尽享喜悦 海上乐园, a promise that guests will “Experience Paradise on the Sea.” The new Breakaway Plus-class vessel is set to debut in China in Summer 2017. According to NCL, Norwegian Joy is designed specifically for the Chinese traveler, with cuisine and onboard experiences that cater to the unique vacation preferences of Chinese guests. The upscale cruise experience will be especially tailored for modern Chinese travelers, extending from world-class entertainment to a wide range of specially curated fine international dining, duty-free luxury shopping at sea and a new range of onboard activities. To get the word out in this emerging market, NCL will need to tailor its marketing strategies to this specific region. There are a few marketing agencies that specialize in the Chinese market – learn about CDRS. To continue, click the NEXT button on the top of this page.