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Inside America

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America, United States’ fleetmate, was a stylish and memorable liner in her own right.

Unlike her Art Deco-bedecked European counterparts, America embraced a later Art Moderne look that shunned ornamentation in favor of an aerodynamic pure-line concept of motion and speed inspired by science and engineering. Designed by renowned navel architect William Francis Gibbs, who also designed United States (carrying many of the design techniques he pioneered on America over to the latter vessel), America sailed for United States Lines in both transatlantic and cruise service from 1940 to 1964 (other than the years 1941-1946, when she served as a troopship).

Let’s take a look around this wonderful liner as she appeared at around the time of her 1940 maiden voyage.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if America’s stunning interior look could be replicated inside a restored United States? Would you take a cruise on such a vessel, even if it meant you wouldn’t have access to a private verandah/balcony?

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